Alyx Apheresis Collection System from Fresenius Kabi

Alyx is a cost-saving, mobile, multi-component collection, processing and leukofiltration system that delivers versatility to your operations. The Alyx system gives you more ways to get the most from your donors, your team and your business.


  • Two units of leukoreduced red cells
  • One unit of leukoreduced red cells with two to three units of plasma
  • Up to four units of plasma
  • Single unit recovery (2RBC only) feature in the event a procedure is terminated early

Key features

Operational efficiency

Alyx is designed to help optimize your bottom line with reduced labor and error related costs and the ability to increase collection of high value components.

Data management enhancements

Track and report key statistics such as donor parameters, procedure summaries, alarm summaries and blood loss calculations.

Donor friendly

  • Completes collection, on average in less than 30 minutes for 2RBC and less than 45 minutes for Plasma collection.
  • Provides greater donor comfort by maintaining the donor’s isovolemic state
  • Perfect for mobile drives at high –school and college campus locations