CompoFlow® Flexible & Select Blood Bag Systems from Fresenius Kabi

CompoFlow® Flexible standard blood bag systems and CompoFlow® Select in-line systems represent advancements of the well accepted Fresenius Kabi blood bag design. They are part of the new CompoFlow® concept for optimal blood component preparation.

The key element of this concept is the innovative CompoFlow® closure device instead of the traditional bag breaker, consisting of an automatically opened cap and the form coded housing.

Therefore the new CompoFlow® concept

  • prevents haemolysis caused by insufficient opened bag breakers
  • prevents RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) caused by manual cracking of the breaker
  • reduces the preparation time due to enlarged free lumen of the open CompoFlow® Cap
  • avoids repeatedly training of the staff due to high level of automation

The CompoFlow® System supports you in efficient and high quality blood processing.


  • Transparent, easy-to-open overwrap for visual inspection
  • Storage of red cells in SAG-M or PAGGS-M solution
  • Excellent biocompatibility and high gas permeability

RT-Needle Plus

  • Fast flow for reduced donation time
  • Safety needle with integrated protector
  • Optimized grinding for smooth puncture

Pre-Donation Sampling

  • Closed bag system for blood sampling
  • Various Composampler adapters
  • Safety tube clamp with tube channel

Transfusion port

  • Protected port avoids contamination
  • Maximum grip for easy removal of the cover
  • No red cell clots after centrifugation

Plastic label

  • Highly resistant against wear and tear
  • Tamper-proof material
  • Pictograms acc. ISBT facilitate the readability

In-line leukodepletion filter

  • Flexible RCC filter for easy centrifugation
  • Excellent leukodepletion acc. to WHO and European Guidelines