The NanoWizard® 3 BioScience AFM is the only AFM system on the market that is designed for optimal use in liquid and comes with a vapor barrier, encapsulated piezos and a variety of dedicated liquid cells for applications ranging from single molecules to living cells. Of course, one can use the system in the air or controlled environment too.

The system comes with the QI™ mode - a new force curve-based imaging mode for the most challenging of AFM samples - as a standard.

From the beginning, the NanoWizard® has set the standard for optical integration with full condenser capabilities and DirectOverlay™. With the NanoWizard® 3 comes a technology breakthrough in AFM - HyperDrive™ - an imaging technique for soft samples in liquid which provides SuperResolution with minimized tip-sample interactions.

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  • Live cell imaging
  • Cell membrane investigations
  • Elastic properties of the cytoskeleton and cell adhesion
  • Applications in microbiology and virus research
  • Pharmaceutical studies such as drug delivery mechanisms
  • Applications in food, paper or textile industry on fibers, coatings or powders in air or liquid
  • Single-molecule studies on DNA, RNA, proteins, dendrimers, carbohydrates, lipids, etc.
  • Binding studies such as receptor/ligand or antibody/antigene
  • Intramolecular interactions protein folding, binding site localization, etc.
  • Biomaterial studies, biofouling, biosensors, capsules
  • Implants coatings and biochips
  • Testing functionalized surfaces
  • Soft materials studies such as degradation, mechanical or electrical properties
  • Polymer and thin-film imaging and mapping in air and liquid with different temperatures or liquids such as non-aqueous solvents
  • Nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanocomposites, vesicles, colloids, quantum dots
  • Electrochemistry from biomolecules to metal substrates