Ultra-fast AFM scanning, allowing to observe the dynamics of single molecules within living cells.

The NanoWizard® ULTRA Speed AFM system sets the new standard in terms of resolution paired with scan speed. The optimized cantilever deflection detection system comes with the lowest noise level of today’s AFMs.

The fast electronics with the highest bandwidth as well as the rigid mechanics and the newly designed high-voltage amplifiers deliver the most accurate force control even on delicate sample structures.

To see dynamics in-situ with the highest spatial resolution is a current challenge for AFM. With the NanoWizard® ULTRA Speed AFM combined with standard inverted optical microscopy with condenser optics, fast scanning in-situ AFM experiments are now possible.

Fast AFM scanning on living cells in a Petri dish or single-molecule dynamic studies can be performed. Experiments can be triggered or sample properties can be controlled with simultaneous environmental control (temperature, gas or fluid exchange, etc.).

Experiments involving polymer phase transitions, crystallization, enzymatic reactions, film or fibril growth or electrochemical reactions can all be performed in-situ.

Download: AFM at Lightning Fast Speeds

Key Features

  • Fast scanning >100Hz line rate in air and liquid with excellent resolution
  • Atomic resolution in closed-loop mode by the lowest scanner, position-sensor and detection-system noise level
  • Comes with the easy-to-use QI™ mode for quantitative material property mapping
  • Unique integration with optical microscopy by tip-scanning design and patented DirectOverlay™ mode for most precise correlative microscopy
  • Comprehensive force measurements from single molecules to living cells
  • Highest flexibility and upgradeability with a broad range of modes and accessories