Auto Kerato-Refractometer KR-8100PA from Topcon

By installing a 3D auto alignment function, measurement can be made easily even by an unskillful operator. Rotary prism unique to TOPCON is mounted allowing high-accuracy measurement and measurement of small pupils 2.0mm in diameter. Mapping function most suitable to those wearing contact lenses is also available.

  • One multifunctional auto kerato-refractometer performs objective refracting power measurement, cornea curvature radius measurement and cornea shape mapping display.
  • A measurement system by placidoring is used for measurement of cornea radius of curvature. Accurate measurement by all-round data of ten rings is assured. The rings have wide measurement ranges from 1.5 to 9.2mm in diameter.
  • In only 4 seconds, measured mapping data is displayed on the display screen of the unit. Additionally a memory of placidoring image is displayed, cornea shape mapping is displayed and overlaying mapping onto the anterior segment can be shown.
  • If an anomaly is detected with the cornea shape during measurement, a message will be displayed. Mapping can be measured without interruption during kerato data measurement when an anomaly is detected.
  • A TV monitor and video printer can be connected. An image can be zoomed on the monitor screen and a placidoring projection image of a measured eye can be printed out for an explanation and recording.
  • Cornea shape mapping measurement will display reference values of an appropriate base curve from data of the entire cornea for fitting of a contact lens.
  • Data processing of data measured by the KR-8100PA by connecting the meter to a personal computer installed with Color Mapping Software 32 will display a cornea shape in colors allowing easy viewing. This will be useful in understanding a cornea shape, contact lens fitting, early detection of a cornea surface anomaly and examination of astigmatism after surgical operation.