Lensmeter LM-8/8C from Topcon

The Lensmeter LM-8/8C features:

High and wide field eyepoint eyepiece
The newly designed eyepiece minimises shading effect. Thanks to easy conformation of internal scale and target observation as well as irritation free measurement.

Clear visualisation of internal axis scale
The new optics of the LM-8 enhances the internal axis scale allowing for use even in a dark room.

Clearly visible marking spots
A newly designed long life cartridge type spotting device makes marking easier and clearer. This ball-point pen style cartridge provides sharp and clear marks on the lens to make final blocking procedure simple. Replacing the cartridge is very easy and clean.
* Conventional ink pad system is still available as an option.

Dry battery operated LED light
Almost eternal life LED light source eliminates the need of bulb replacement. The modern and stylish wireless design means flexbility in fitting the LM-8 into any environment you desire without having to install additional power outlets. AC adaptor is also available as an optional accessaries.

Contact lens measurement
Both soft and hard contact lens can be measured by putting the telescope body to upright position.

Prism compensator (Optional Accessories)
An optional prism compensator is also available to measure the prismatic lens from 5 prism diopter to 14 prism diopter in 1 diopter step.