Dräger offers an extensive portfolio of high-performing HMEs and breathing system filters.

CareStar® Family

The CareStar breathing system filters from Dräger provide an excellent and cost-efficient alternative.

Due to its highperforming electrostatic filtration medium, CareStar supports protection of the patient from potentially present microorganisms in the inspired air as well as safe-guarding the ventilator and the ventilator breathing system from airborne microorganisms that the patient exhales. This also helps to reduce the risk of possible cross-infection.

SafeStar® Family

The new SafeStar mechanical HEPA breathing system filters from Dräger meet high standards for infection prophylaxis in ventilation. The active medium of these mechanical filters is a hydrophobic filter membrane of coated glass fibers developed specifically for this purpose.

Due to the hydrophobicity Safe Star cannot be passed by potentially contaminated fluids (e.g. blood, sputum, condensate) under normal pressure conditions of mechanical ventilation.

Therefore, SafeStar can inhibit the passage of fluidborne microorganisms. Furthermore, Safe Star’s mechanical medium with very high bacterial and viral filtration efficiency rates reduces the passage of airborne microorganisms to a considerable extent. This significantly helps to reduce the risk of possible cross-infection.