The CellMek SPS system helps you unlock the power of lean by addressing major process wastes related to sample preparation in your clinical flow cytometry laboratory.

It is designed to simultaneously manage various preparation methods in random access while providing continuous loading, optimizing efficiency and traceability

CellMek SPS for laboratory process optimization

Image Credit: Beckman Coulter Life Sciences - Flow Cytometry 



Customized Flexibility

  • Panel Designer Software lets you easily design your own protocols
  • CellMek SPS takes care of scheduling - no need to batch by application
  • Many options such as lysis, washing steps and volumes to pipet

Uninterrupted Workflow

  • Onboard washing capability with customizable washing steps
  • Both pre- and post-washes are optional steps of the sample prep workflow
  • Automated rocking and cap piercing - no need to manually unscrew specimen tube caps

Optimized Time to Result

  • Continuous loading & unloading of samples through tube-specific cassettes
  • Parallel Processing to help optimize scheduling and sample throughput
  • Output carousel can be retrieved to start sample analysis while system prepares more samples

Traceable Inventory

  • A refrigerated 53-position liquid antibody carousel means reagents can remain onboard
  • Capacity for up to 12 DURACartridges - our innovative new format for dry reagents
  • All reagents and consumables are barcoded to provide automated tracking for a full audit trail