Cy-Clone PLUS from Sartorius

Intellicyt is a Sartorius brand.

The ONLY solution that correlates IgG quantitation per cell with cell health and growth readouts in a single, cost-effective competition assay using IgG-capture beads, IgG fluorescent competing antibody, and a cell viability stain.


Clone productivity ranking with more relevant data—Balancing IgG concentration, cell density, IgG quantitation per cell, and cell viability are crucial to selecting the optimal clones.

Key Benefits

  • Correlates IqG titer-per-cell with cell health and cell growth readouts in a single IgG competition immunoassay that measures cells and secreted protein.
  • Provides pertinent data for clone selection—IgG concentration, IgG quantitation per cell, IgG quantitation per viable cell, cell density, and viability.
  • Eliminates the need to analyze and correlate data from multiple assays on multiple platforms with disparate readouts.
  • Enables a wide titer detection range-0.6 ug/mL to 20,000 ug/mL of IgG.
  • Delivers sample to answer in 80 minutes—Assay setup in 60 minutes and acquisition in 20 minutes from a 384-well plate with instantaneous analysis from a single software package—ForeCyt Software.


Cy-Clone PLUS Kit
Reagents Human FITC-IgG FL4 Cell Membrane Integrity Dye
Detection Channel iQue3 FL1 FL4
iQue3 PLUS BL1 RL1
  • Prepare cells and supernatant
  • Add reagents
  • Stain
  • Incubate
  • Read on the iQue3 PLUS
Available Sizes Catalog Number
1 x 384 well 91142
5 x 384 wells 91143
20 x 384 wells 91144
50 x 384 wells 91145