DONOpack LD Bags from LMB Technologie

DONOpack bags with Leukodepletion filter helps to avoid complications that may arise due to leukocytes. Pre-process leukocyte filtration in a closed system in the blood bank allows for the early removal of leukocytes avoiding cytokine release.

DONOpack LD filter offer superior features like rapid filtration time, high RBC and plasma recovery. It easily fits into routine procedures and there is no need for conditioning.

DONOpack in-line whole blood filter can remove leukocytes from fresh or overnighthold whole blood for preparing leuko-reduced red cells and leuko-reduced plasma.

DONOpack in-line RBC filter (soft housing) can remove the leukocytes from fresh or
stored red cell concentrate for preparing plasma, platelet concentrate and leukoreduced red cells.


Blood Bag with Inline Blood Sampling System

Safe inline blood sampling is made easy with the integrated Blood Sampling Tube Holder, Diversion bag and Needle Injury Protector. The unique user-friendly design helps in safe collection of blood and aseptic sampling. This system eliminates the need for 'cut and drip' sampling methods and other potentially dangerous needle sampling.

  • Closed system ensures aseptic sampling
  • Compatiblefor usewith vacuum tubes, and leuradaptors
  • Reduces contamination of the collected blood by diversion ofthe blood collected initially
  • Protection from needle stick injuries with the needle shield
  • DONOpack inline blood sampling system is availablewith all configurations from singleto penta blood bags