FILTRAmatic Blood Component Filtration Monitoring System from LMB Technologie

FILTRAmatic Automatic Blood Component Filtration Monitoring System is designed for monitor leukocytes filtration process in blood collection bags in order to ensure the performance of leukocyte reduction filter system.

FILTRAmatic level of automation and system documentation in the field of filtration. FILTRAmatic measures the time that the whole blood needs to be filtrated entirely and compares it with the individual customer profile. If the filtration time lies within a certain predefined time corridor, the filtration process is acceptable. Mechanical errors, such as a filter breaking, result in a considerable lower filtration time and are indicated as unsuccessful filtrations.



  • All filter models supported
  • One control unit per six filtration modules (48 filtration places total)
  • Each filtration module provides eight (possible twelve) filtration places
  • Modular concept allows system enlargements on demand

Software user interface and functionality

  • Easy to use operator interface
  • Automatic filtration monitoring with minimum of operator intervention
  • Filtration profiles for different blood bag and filter types
  • Multilanguage support
  • Quality management
  • Filtration progress graph in real time
  • Production data collection with transfer to BBIS (TCP/IP)
  • Reports
  • Simple setup and adjustments
  • Data link to BBIS
  • Self test