Peristaltic pumps are very helpful when dispensing culture media, buffers or other solutions. However, most pumps are difficult to program, oversized and bulky.

DOSE IT offers easy handling and straight-forward setting of parameters. It is light weight, fits everywhere in the lab and can bemoved easily. The large display and the intuitive user interface make it very easy to set the parameters and operate DOSE IT. Simply choose a dispensing protocol and press run.

Easy Handling

An intuitive and multilingual user interface coupled with simple on-screen instructions makes it extremely simple to operate DOSE IT. Different dosing protocols can be saved and recalled by pressing a single button. The setting of all functions and parameters is self-explanatory and straightforward.

Compact and Portable

With its very small footprint and light weight, DOSE IT fits everywhere in the lab and can be moved easily – no need to waste valuable bench space or to have a pump in every lab. The smooth and rounded surface makes it easy to clean. The position of the pumphead and of the display and keypad is optimal for ergonomic working.


The DOSE IT pump head accommodates different tubing sizes (1 - 8 mm) so that a wide range of volumes – from milliliters to liters – can be dispensed with speed and precision. The flow rate can be doubled by using a second pump head, a modification that can also be used to minimize flow pulsation