The patented DeltaRAM X™ microscope Illuminator is the ideal fluorescence illuminator for quantitative intracellular ion research. It utilizes a galvanometer based random access monochromator that can switch between any wavelength in 2 milliseconds. The DeltaRAM X™ is a complete, self contained, illuminator that includes a power supply, high intensity xenon light source, DeltaRAM X™ monochromator, TTL shutter and flexible liquid light guide. The wavelength position is a simple analog voltage control.  All you need to add is a microscope adapter for your fluorescence microscope and a USB or PCI DAC interface depending on the software you will be using to drive the illuminator.

The DeltaRAM was developed and patented by our sister company Photon Technology International (PTI) with hundreds of installed systems around the world. PTI is the pioneer in the quantitative ratio fluorescence marketplace having introduced the first patented ratio illuminator, the Deltascan™, shortly after the first Fura-2 publication. The DeltaRAM X™ is the newest standard illuminator used with the complete line of PTI EasyRatioPro and ImHD quantitative fluorescence imaging systems, as well as the PTI RatioMaster™ millisecond PMT photometry system.

The DeltaRAM X™ is widely recognized as the multi-wavelength illuminator of choice with outstanding reliability and customer support.