EasyLife™ X is OBB's patented low cost bench top fluorescence lifetime system, and it replaces the previous model EasyLife™ V. The EasyLife™ X offers two new enhanced capabilities; Automated Protein Melts, and an Enhanced Lifetime Kinetics Acquisition Protocol.

Automated Peltier Cuvette Holder
One of the new capabilities introduced with the EasyLife™ X is the ability to now add a computer controlled Peltier cuvette holder in the sample compartment. This optional accessory allows for automated melts in the temperature range from -20 to 105 degrees Celsius and is ideal for temperature dependent protein research.

Enhanced Lifetime Kinetics
The EasyLife™ X is the only commercial system in the world that can measure fluorescence lifetime kinetics. This unique protocol can dynamically acquire the fluorescence lifetime as a function of time. Since the lifetime is an intrinsic measurement, this new capability is far superior to steady state fluorescence kinetics techniques, since it is independent of non intrinsic variables such as concentration, scatter and photo-bleaching.