Drentech Anemos Chest Drainage System from Redax

A compact design and functional device for balanced pneumonectomy drainage has been developed to offer a complete solution for post-operative drainage procedures. Anemos favors return of thoracic mediastinic equilibrium after total lung resection procedure. Pneumonectomy balanced drain maintains pleural cavity pressure between +1 and - 13 cmH2O. Consequently Anemos is composed of three chambers: a collection chamber with 2 liter capacity and two underwater valves for controlling both negative and positive pressure.


  • first underwater valve maintains at - 13 cmH2O max level of negative pressure
  • second underwater valve maintains at +1 cmH2O max level of positive pressure
  • antibacterial filter positioned on both underwater valves prevents contamination
  • new compact size improves stability and helps save space
  • easy transportation and patient movements thanks to the solid built in handle
  • 100% latex and PVC free patient tubing