Drentech Emotrans Dune Chest Drainage System from Redax

A stable, solid design for the most compact device in totally dry chest drainage for autotransfusion applications. Completely dry, system guarantees patient protection thanks to an anti-reflux valve blocking any external contact. Drainage controls vacuum via calibrated mechanical valve. Emotrans Dune has been engineered to utilize an advanced integral filter placed inside collection chamber. A large filter screens blood clots through the 200 micron mesh membrane. Only system available with built in double filtration: macro aggregates filter inside chamber and micro-aggregates one built in the blood bag, ATS Chest Drain allows recovery of blood into the collection chamber, based on needs dictated by clinical requirements. This flexibility does not require us of blood bag each time, aiding in containing operating costsIt's suitable for adult and pediatric needs, thanks to its precise and easy to read graduated scale. The Auto Regulation system, all mechanical devices, once connected to any vacuum sources, do not require additional vacuum and regulation operation. Due to its practical and easy operation is indicated for draining in surgical, thoracic, cardiac surgery and Emergency procedures. It has solid built in handle, Emotrans Dune can be fixed to patient bed, allowing for easy transportation and patient movement.


  • double stage filtration by means of 200 micron inside collection chamber and 40 micron built into blood bag
  • high quality of collected blood guaranteed by double filtration and by mean of a seal-valve protecting from possible contamination
  • Patented mechanical valve allows fine tuning of vacuum regulation from -5 to -40 cmH2O
  • dry calibrated valve is extremely precise and compensates patient and vacuum source air leaks
  • mechanical valve valve control are extremely quite
  • flow indicator floater indicates at all time if drain is operating properly
  • anti-reflux valve for total patient/environment separation, guaranteeing seal also in horizontal position
  • large capacity for 2.200 ml exudate collection with graduated scale chamber
  • self sealing cap for fresh diagnostic sample on inlet port
  • auto-regulation feature limits staff involvement in chest drain management
  • 100% latex and PVC Free