Gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC/MS) is an important technique in the detection and identification of both bulk drugs and trace level drugs in biological samples. The PerkinElmer® Clarus® SQ 8 GC/MS is a highly-sensitive and robust system with flexibility to accommodate the wide range of analyses typical to drug investigations.



Based on flow injection techniques, FIMS is fully automated, fast, and cost-effective. FIMS uses a high-performance single-beam optical system with a low pressure mercury lamp and solar-blind detector for maximum performance.

The FIMS 400 system and accessories are controlled using PerkinElmer’s powerful, standard-setting Syngistix™ for AA software.

For research use only – not for use in diagnostic procedures.


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible Yes
Height 50.0 cm
Maximum Temperature 30 °C
Minimum Temperature 10 °C
Model Name Drugs of Abuse
Portable No
Product Brand Name Clarus
Warranty 1 year
Weight 50.0 kg
Width 32.0 cm