The principle of dry-heat sterilization at 180°C represents an established and reliable sterilization procedure for the effective sterilization of all objects made of inorganic substances: e.g., metal, glass, porcelain, earthenware, enamel, and the like.

The generations of conventional dry-heat sterilizers used provided for heat exchange by strictly thermal means. As a result, hygienic specialists have for years claimed that this process endangers sterilization effectiveness because of the “cold-air pockets” which result from the characteristic inherent to these systems. For this reason, all MELAG dry-heat sterilizers feature fan convection. This means that a blower provides fast and complete heat exchange throughout the entire sterilization space. This feature considerably shortens sterilization times and effectively avoids overheating.

The Sterilizer 255 meets our customers’ requirements for a compact and cost-effective device and can take up six large trays and has a small device depth so that it can fit even on the narrowest work surfaces. The interior, like its external housing, is made of stainless steel.

Switching on the timer activates the fully automatic sterilization process as well as the subsequent power off. For drying work, the temperature can be continuously adjusted between 60°C and 200°C. After switching on, the cycle proceeds fully automatically, with switch-off of power at the end of the cycle.