FCP-9P Therapeutic Choledochofiberscope from Pentax

The FCP-9P Therapeutic Choledochofiberscope has a 1.2 mm working channel incorporated into the slim insertion tube; biopsy forceps and basket forceps can easily be passed through the FCP-9P. This therapeutic choledocho-babyscope is also very useful in Electro-Hydraulic Lithotripsy procedures. The FCP-9P has an outer diameter of only 3.1 mm, allowing it to be used with any of Pentax's duodenoscopes with a 4.2 mm instrument channel. This makes the FCP-9P an ideal therapeutic choledochofiberscope.


  • Channel Diameter (mm): 1.2
  • Insertion Tube Diameter (mm): 3.1
  • Working Length (mm): 1900
  • Angulation (Up/Down): 90/90
  • Angle of View: 90° (air) / 64° (water)