FM-180 Digital Holter ECG Recorder from Fukuda

The FM-180 24 hour Holter Recorder sets a new standard for durability and performance in extreme environments, while providing new information about patient's anatomical positions during testing. The FM-180 was designed for use in aquatic environments making it suitable for exercise phisiology labs, sports medicine and health clubs. The waterproof design allows patients to maintain normal life-style by not interfering with routine bathing or showering.

Sports Medicine and training programs will benefit from the sophisticated design of the FM-180, which has been designed to the rigorous standards of the JIS protection class8. (IPX8)

The FM-180 uses smart Tri-axial sensors that simultaneously record and report a patient's body position in relation to recorded ECG. This innovative technology helps physicians determine if changes in wave-forms are caused by body position or underlying physiology.

The FM-180 eliminates complicated programing by featuring a simple sector button that allows users to choose the information they want displayed. A simple click of the button allows the user to display either 2 or 3 channels of ECG or select Heart Rate.