G 3000 Pro Pressotherapy Device from Globus

Model with 3 programs of the Morning Life line G 3000 pro pressotherapy device is suitable for any need in the fields of health, wellbeing, beauty and relaxation. It has a pressure setting system, an inflation cycle speed setting system ans an auto switch-off timer.

Program A. The sequence of Program A simulates a manual massage, it carries out a lymphatic drainage treatment.

Program B. The sequence of Program B starts pressure from feet and maintaining previous chambers inflated until the whole leg (or arm or addomen) is inflated up to the groin. Thanks to this type of treatment, it is possible to obtain the utmost movement of fluids through a real emptying. 

Program C. The sequence of Program C starts pressure on the whole of the legging at the same time.


Compressor with 3 programs

Speed of the inflation cycles setting (5 speeds)

Pressure: 50~280mmHg ±10%

Timer up to 60 min.