G 6000 Pro Pressotherapy Device from Globus

The pressotherapy device G 6000 Pro is equipped with a powerful compressor and 6 independent outputs which can provide a gradual and smooth pressure. It is completely digital and includes 4 programs operated by microprocessor. 

The pressotherapy is one of the most effective systems to favour a good venous flow: thanks to the inflation sequences, venous return is stimulated and muscle tension is reduced.

In addition, the pressure lets excess interstitial fluids flow into the circulatory system, so that they can be eliminated, thus favouring a good operation of the lymphatic system.

It is indispensable for any health, wellness, beauty and relaxation needs. It has 4 sequential programs, pressure setting system, inflation cycle speed setting system, auto switch-off timer. 


  • Compressor with 4 sequential programs
  • Speed of the inflation cycles setting (5 speeds)
  • Pressure: (50~80)~280mmHg ±10%
  • Timer up to ~99min
  • Dimension: 415X360X210mm
  • Weight: 11Kg