Galileo Single Magnification Colposcope from Gynex

Galileo Single Magnification Colposcope from Gynex

The Galileo Colposcope is shipped completely assembled and ready for use within minutes of opening the box, no representative or complicated instructions required.

Modern Technology paired with classic aesthetics

  • NEW distinctive eyeshields block distracting glare of outside light
  • Focal Length: 300mm
  • Magnification: 7.5X
  • Field Of View: 39mm
  • Depth Of Field: 1.13mm
  • Light intensity: > 25,000 LUX
  • Smooth adjustable controls for gross and fine focus
  • Clutter reducing internal power cables
  • Clear, bright, long-lasting LED light source
  • Integrated green filter, aids recognition of blood vessels
  • Working height 950mm to 1250mm
  • A space saving small footprint
  • Patented
  • One year parts and labor warranty included
  • Extended warranties available 

Superb German Optics

  • Multi coated
  • Handpolished
  • Apochomatic lens
  • Individually adjusted optics for true steroscopic view
  • Optical measuing cicles for precise measurments