HK.ESWL-V Classlith E Lithotripter from Wikkon

The HK.ESWL-V Classlith E lithotripter from Wikkon is Safe, durable and effective. The therapy head is elaborately mounted in a small C-arm, which is concentric with the X-ray C-arm and the shock wave focus. This unique design, which allows the therapy head to orbit the focus, provides great convenience to optimize the shock wave shooting angle. Besides, the device gives more space for urology operations, fluoroscopy and photography in that it can be pushed aside easily.

  • X-ray C-arm localization system with optional ultrasound
  • For direct, precise and prompt stone localization
  • Separate and table-side operating unit
  • Keeping operators free from x-ray radiation.
  • Versatile table
  • Table with 3D movement can also be used for other urology general operations.
  • Fine adjustment of energy and frequency
  • Give smooth transition when adjusting energy/frequency from low to high levels.