HK.ESWL-VI Lithotripter from Wikkon

HK.ESWL-VI is a multi-functional urology workstation through many years of research and development in clinical applications. Its functions cover fragmentation operation, urology operation, X-ray fluoroscopy and photography, ultrasound check and etc. This original modularized combination design caters considerately to the modern urology operation demand.

Quality Electromagnetic Shock Wave Source
HK.ESWL-VI adopts a electromagnetic shock wave source with high efficiency and super stability. The source also makes a feature of economy, which keeps minimum running cost.

Optimal X Ray Imaging
HK.ESWL-VI utilizes a spherically moving C arm for localization imaging purpose. This multi-motion C arm helps operator observe stones in various angles. When any obstacle stands in the X ray way, operators can always easily get it around by a slight push at the C arm control button. A 9" image intensifier, a high resolution CCD camera and a noise reduction monitor with last image hold memory ensures the system??s uncompromising image quality.

Outline Ultrasound System
HK.ESWL-VI??s ultrasound system is intentionally integrated with the main unit in an outline way to ensure that the transducer does not stand in the X ray way. Moreover, the outline design prolongs the service life of the transducer and make it possible for separate use as well.

Flexible Therapy Head Motion Device
HK.ESWL-VI??s therapy head is elaborately mounted in a small C-arm which is concentric with the X ray C arm and the shock wave focus. This unique design, which allows the therapy head to orbit the focus, provides great convenience to optimize the shock wave shooting angle. Besides, the device gives more space for urology operations, fluoroscopy and radiotography in that it can be pushed aside easily.