Heavy Load Isolation Solutions from Accurion

The heavy load isolation systems are designed for an installation on the floor directly below the application, where they are virtually "invisible". The available products are divided in isolation platforms and heavy duty isolation elements. To select the required isolation system, the actual weight of the application equipment, load distribution and further parameters are of key importance.

Halcyonics_Sandwich - High-Performance Floor Platforms

Accurions Sandwich platforms, feature compact dimensions and excellent isolation performance. The isolation platforms are the ideal solution for vibration isolation of scanning electron microscopes (SEM). A major advantage of the active Halcyonics platforms is that there is no inherent natural low-frequency resonance, which is responsible for problems encountered with passive vibration isolation systems in low-frequency ranges below 5 Hz. The active vibration isolation of Sandwich platforms starts right at 1 Hz and above 10 Hz, achieves more than 35 dB (98.2%).

Halcyonics_Duo – Heavy-Duty Active Vibration Isolation Elements

The Duo isolation elements have been engineered as a modular system to meet the needs of the most diverse applications. It can be used in combination with honeycomb-structured platforms or directly below heavy-duty measurement instruments. The basic configuration of the Duo consists of two elements; combinations of 3, 4 or more elements are possible.


  • Active isolation in all six degrees of freedom
  • AC power from an electrical outlet is sufficient; no compressed air supply is needed
  • Customized versions available to fulfill various requirements
  • Modular and compact design
  • No natural low frequency resonance - excellent vibration characteristics in low frequency range