Workstation Series Active Vibration Isolation System from Accurion

The performance of every vibration isolation system is affected by the basic conditions in the particular laboratory. Under the most favorable conditions, the vibration isolation system is located directly on the floor. As this is not feasible in most cases, tables or supports are needed, which in turn have to meet high requirements. The ergonomically designed Workstation Series perfectly combines an active vibration isolation system and a welded steel support frame. The result is an ergonomic workplace with excellent vibration isolation performance suited for many lab applications.

The workstations group in two types. One with a smaller isolated surface for light-weight applications, which is the Workstation_i4 and a second one with a large isolated surface, the Workstation_Vario. Applications for the Workstation series include: Scanning probe microscopy, inverted optical microscopy with or without SPM combination, confocal microscopy, profilometry, nanoindentation, patch-clamp setups, laser setups, and many more.


The Workstation_i4 offers a compact active isolated surface especially for microscopes, surrounded by a conventional non-isolated laboratory desk surface. This surface can be used to place additional equipment, to handle test samples or to simply make notes. The Workstation_i4 is designed for the use with optical microscopes or microscope/SPM combinations.


Workstation_Vario systems come with a steel frame embedded optical breadboard as working surface. The surrounded frame can be used for the installation of Acoustic enclosures for example. Such workstations are capable of supporting larger and heavier applications.


  • Automatic load adjustment and transport lock
  • No low frequency resonance - thus no vibration amplification in the low frequency range
  • Runs with AC power from an electrical outlet
  • All-in-one solution for ergonomic working conditions
  • Active isolation in all six degrees of freedom
  • Torsion-resistant and rigid support structure due to welded steel frame
  • Wide range of customizations possible
  • Short settling time


  • Optical microscope/SPM combination
  • Patch-Clamp applications
  • Confocal laser scanning microscopy
  • Scanning probe microscopy
  • Laser set-ups
  • Optical profilers
  • Nanoindenter
  • Ultramicrotomes