The PTR-TOF 6000 analyzes trace VOCs using high-performance PTR-TOF-MS (proton transfer reaction time of flight mass spectrometry). It also incorporates X2 technology, enhancing both sensitivity and mass-resolving power.

  • Detection limit: <1 pptv
  • Sensitivity: >2000 cps/ppbv
  • Mass Resolution: >6000


For a potent PTR-TOFMS experience, IONICON's unique PTR technology with TRU-E/N combines a high-resolution ioniTOF in the PTR-TOF 6000.

This instrument utilizes the X2 technology, which combines the hexapole ION-GUIDE and the most recent version of the ION-BOOSTER funnel. Thanks to the ion funnel's ability to focus ions into the hexapole ion guide, an incredibly focused ion beam is transmitted almost losslessly into the TOF mass spectrometer. This boosts the instrument's mass-resolving power and increases sensitivity.

The patented IONICON ion-chemistry quality guarantees the highest level of quantification accuracy, well-reproducible measurement results, and precise E/N conditions.

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Technical specifications

Source: Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.

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Mass resolution > 6000 m/Δm (FWHM) for m/z > 147
Response time < 100 ms
Sensitivity > 2000 cps/ppbv for m/z 181
Detection limits for m/z 181 < 10 pptv (in 1 sec)
< 1 pptv (in 60 sec)
Linearity range 1 pptv - 100 ppbv
Adjustable flow 50 - 800 sccm
Inlet system heating range 40 - 180 °C
(2nd inlet system and other inlet options on request)
Reaction chamber heating range 40 - 120 °C
Weight < 145 kg (319,7 lbs)
Dimensions (w x h x d) 60x91x87 cm (23.7 x 35.9 x 34.3 in.)
Power supply 115/230 V, standby/typical operation: < 400/600-900 W
Interfaces - Touchscreen display
8x DI/O, 2x AI, 2x AO
Selected optional features & Accessories
  • SRI/SRI+ options 
  • SRI-MS technology
  • Multiplexing units

Find more options, application-specific inlet systems, and accessories here


Accessories and Inlet Systems

  • SRI/SRI+
    • H3O+, NO+ and NH4+, O2+ / Kr+, Xe+ precursor ions
    • Real-Time Aerosol Inlet for IONICON PTR-TOFMS
  • Extended Volatility Range (EVR)
    • Ultra-Fast Time Response Even for IVOCs and SVOCs
  • Multiplexing
    • Multiple Inlet Systems for Analytical Instruments
  • N.A.S.E. (Nosespace Air Sampling Extension)
    • A heated inlet system for nosespace air samples
  • Buffered End-Tidal Breath Sampling Inlet (BET)
    • Inlet System for Buffered End-Tidal (BET) Breath Analysis
  • Liquid Calibration Unit (LCU)
    • Trace gas calibration using liquid standards
  • Autosampler for PTR-MS
    • Autosampler for automated head-space analysis with PTR-MS

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  • PTR-MS
    • Benefits of Proton Transfer Reaction - Mass Spectrometry
  • SRI-MS
    • Benefits of Selective Reagent Ionization - Mass Spectrometry
  • IONICON PTR-TOFMS Performance
    • Excellence in mass resolution, sensitivity, and detection limits
  • X2 Performance Technologies
    • ION-BOOSTER funnel combined with the Hexapol ION-GUIDE

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