PTR-TOF QB: Universal VOC Monitor for Mobile Lab Deployment

The PTR-TOF QB available from Ionicon is the superior real-time VOC monitor designed for mobile lab deployment. Thanks to its exclusive stackable 19-inch cube 'QB' design and a lightweight frame, it can easily fit in the trunk of a mobile measurement van or passenger car.

The PTR-TOF QB VOC monitor has an overall weight of <90 kg and can be collapsed into two parts, where each cube weighs <50 kg. These aspects enable the monitor to be easily transported and installed in almost any place.

This smart feature allows the cubes to be set up on top of or sitting beside each other. This offers huge flexibility with respect to the height profile or footprint of the system and facilitates the operation of the mobile VOC monitor in virtually all space constrained settings.

The PTR-TOF QB has been developed based on the high performance and reliable trace VOC analyzer PTR-TOF 1000 and runs on <500 W power uptake during standard operation. It is also possible to provide higher performance options like the PTR-TOF 1000 ultra or PTR-TOF 4000 as QB version. Ionicon meets all the needs of its customers.

The PTR-TOF QB has established its sturdiness and flexibility in various mobile lab campaigns—as the most robust Hazardous Material Monitor for Security applications and as the sought after model for AMC monitoring in the semiconductor industry.

Image Credit: Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.


  • Rugged, small and lightweight
  • Universal VOC Monitor for mobile deployment
  • BTEX and other toxic gases can be mapped in real time
  • Designed as a stackable, separable 2 x 19″ cube