HolCARD 24W Alfa System A812 v.001 from Aspel

HolCARD 24W software with 12-channel digital recorder AsPEKT 812 allows for quick analysis of ECG examination (irregular heartbeat and ST segment).

Main features of the AsPEKT 812 recorder:

  • 12-channel digital registration of the ECG signal
  • 10-lead patient cable
  • Registration time: 24, 48-hour on CompactFlash card
  • Graphical LCD display
  • Built-in the real time clock
  • EVENT button
  • Pacemaker detection
  • Wireless on-line ECG transmission via AsLINK and infrared interface IrDA
  • Dimensions: 130 x 96 x 30 mm

Main features of the HolCARD 24W software:

  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows environment
  • Ensures 3 independent recording channels
  • AsPEKT recorders support a solid state memory CompaktFlash card without applying any compression
  • Recorders communicate with the host PC via an infrared link in order to display the signal going to be recorded and the battery/clock checking.
  • Unbeatable tool for alternative placement of electrodes.
  • Independent analysis of the ST segment in all recorded channels, the positioning of all measurement points is user-reconfigurable and may depend on heart rate.