The RV 10 digital demonstrates the continued developments in the IKA RV 10 Rotary Evaporator line. The unit includes a brand new universal heating bath, glassware that is vertical, digital connectivity, and state-of-the-art safety features. The RV 10 digital is a robust and trustworthy laboratory companion. Its enhanced bath volume creates quick heat-up times.

The condenser unit has specially created glass tubes which use the 1,500 cm² surface very efficiently. This is why the RV 10 digital gives the user trustworthy and repeatable process outcomes which are normally only offered by the more expensive systems. Extra functions such as the left-right interval, timer function capability, and smooth start help the user in their daily work in the laboratory.

A further element of the RV 10 digital is the complex safety features included. The motorized lift has an automatic lift-out function in the event of a power outage. This also reduces the chances of the solvent overheating. The safety temperature circuits can be fixed on an individual basis.

Dry-run protection, an adjustable lower end stop, and a lock function for bath setting complete the range of safety features. Moreover, IKA has a varied range of coating glassware for an enhanced level of user safety. The RS 232 interface helps the user to remotely control the device using ‘labworldsoft’ software. The heating bath is also controlled using the IR interface from the main unit.

  • New 4 liter heating bath
  • Universal water and oil heating bath
  • Glassware that is vertical
  • Motorized lift with a function for ‘safety-stop’
  • RS 232 and IR Interface
  • Optimized heating bath volume for quickly heating up
  • Very efficient 1,500 cm² condenser unit
  • Hardy design
  • Ergonomically designed handles on heating bath
  • Smooth start function
  • Left-right interval function
  • Timer function
  • Dry-run protection
  • Safety temperature circuits
  • Lower-end stop
  • Varied range of coated glassware
  • Push-off mechanism to unfix fitted glassware
  • Simple and safe operation through the ergonomic design of the user interface

Package description: Includes heating bath, HB digital, and RV 10.10 set of glassware which are both vertical and coated.