IKA Rotary Evaporator 8 V

The RV 8 Rotary Evaporator is in the range of IKA Rotation Evaporators and is the manual basic model of the family. It can be used for a variety of industries: chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnical, research and development, laboratories, plant construction, and manufacturing and quality assurance.

The glass guides are specifically designed to allow for the very efficient use of the 1500 cm² cooling surface. There are digital displays making it quick to use, and the heating bath temperature allows for the greatest control over all the processes of distillation.

  • A new 4 liter heating bath
  • In case of power failure, has an integrated safety lift-out function
  • Woulff bottle included in package
  • Heating bath for water or oil with handles for carrying
  • Lock button to easily fix the heating bath temperature
  • Easy to read black and white display panel made from glass
  • Locking mechanism where red indicator displays the unlocked position of the vapor tube
  • Manual lift for accurate positioning of the glassware
  • Adjustable angle for immersion
  • Single-handed manual lift handling, suitable whether the user is left or right-handed
  • Speed range of five to 300 minutes−1
  • A low device voltage of 24V enhances safety for the operator
  • Includes flask clamping mechanism with combined push-off function for the simple exchange of evaporation flasks
  • Condenser works to a high efficiency with a 1500 cm² cooling surface, meaning less space is needed
  • Compatible with the full range of IKA RV 10 glassware