Identity Pacemaker from St. Jude Medical

The Identity pacemaker family, which includes the world's smallest dual-chamber pacemaker, provides clinicians with the most advanced pacemaker technology available, including the revolutionary AF Suppression™ algorithm, the first and only U.S. commercially approved algorithm designed to suppress atrial fibrillation (AF). The AF Suppression algorithm in the Identity pacemaker family is combined with the most advanced diagnostic systems and bradycardia feature set available today, establishing the Identity pacemaker as the premier product offering in complete arrhythmia care.

The Identity pacemaker models 5370 and 5376 feature AF management, a suite of therapeutic and diagnostic capabilities designed to manage pacemaker patients suffering from AF. This tool kit includes:

  • AF Suppression Algorithm – Clinically proven and designed to suppress AF before it happens
  • AF Histogram – Allows you to evaluate the success of the AF suppression algorithm
  • Stored Electrograms – Provides a comprehensive overview of patient-device interactions, especially high atrial rate activity
  • Auto Mode Switch (AMS) Log – Stores rate and duration information for mode switch episodes
  • Separately Programmable AMS Base Rate – Addresses drastic mode switching rate variations for improved patient comfort
  • Physician Commanded Atrial Therapy (NIPS: Non-Invasive Programmed Stimulation) – Provides the clinician with another option in the treatment of atrial arrhythmias