LABORIE's T-DOC Air-Charged Urodynamic Catheter

T-DOC® Air-Charged™ disposable catheters use tiny pressure-sensing air balloons to assess internal pressures. Barely larger than the diameter of the catheter itself, these balloons offer circumferential pressures for a clear and complete set of data for diagnosis.

Faster and simpler to set up than any other technology, T-DOC® Air-Charged™ Catheters are also less sensitive to patient movement. All of this means less time per procedure, less time in set-up and clean up, and less staff training required, which means more patients may be seen in less time. In addition, by eliminating the need to irrigate the patient with large quantities of water, disposable T-DOC® catheters also improve patient comfort.

T-DOC® 7Fr Abdominal Catheter

Can be placed rectally or vaginally to measure abdominal pressures. Rigid design assures no folding during insertion. A soft tip protects bowel and/or vaginal tissues. Small balloon size provides excellent recording with minimum patient discomfort.

T-DOC® 7Fr Single Sensor Bladder Catheter

A general-purpose recording catheter for bladder pressures. Catheter has separate filling lumen, which provides infusion rates up to 100 cc/minute.

T-DOC® 7Fr Single Sensor Coudé Catheter

A specialty bladder catheter designed to be easily passed through male urethral strictures. Proven Coudé tip opens obstructed and/or dysinergic conditions. Particularly useful with BPH patients.Pump Tubing

T-DOC® 7Fr Dual Sensor Catheter

Designed to simultaneously record bladder and urethral pressures with two sensors placed 6cm apart. Measures bladder pressure and static urethral pressure during fill and/or dynamic UPP.

T-DOC® 7Fr Single Sensor / Radiopaque Catheter

A specialty bladder-recording catheter designed for video cystometry. Tungsten reflective markers allow end users to observe exact sensor placement within the bladder via fluoroscope.

T-DOC® 7Fr Dual Sensor / Radiopaque Catheter

Specialized for video cystometry of both urethra and bladder with two sensors located 6 cm apart. Tungsten reflective markers allow exact sensor placement within the bladder and urethra via fluoroscopy. Measures static urethral pressure during fill and / or dynamic UPP.



  • Records accurate abdominal pressures in rectal or vaginal placement.
  • 360° circumferential area pressure records true urethral functionality with less artifact.


  • Clean subtracted pressure with more consistent study tracings.
  • Measures Urodynamic pressures using proprietary, “Air-Charged” pressure technology resulting in far fewer artifacts and more precise diagnosis.


  • Provides significant time and cost savings in set-up, study and clean up.
  • Increases patient flow-through, maximizing profit growth.


  • Provides a more comfortable treatment for the patient.
  • Gathers more data from the urethra to easily detect whether urethral instability or detrusor sphincter dyssynergia are present during voiding pressure studies.


  • Combines the advantage of microelectronics and transducer innovations making set-up easy.
  • Quick and easy calibration.


  • Single-use disposable nature reduces the risk of contamination.
  • Eliminates the need for hazardous chemical agents and enzymes.


  • Procedure Type: Urodynamics Studies
  • Length: 50 cm (19.7 in)
  • Shaft Size: 7 Fr
  • Single-Use / Disposable
  • Latex-Free
  • Sterile