LCS Mobile-Bearing Total Knee System from DePuySynthes

The LCS® Mobile-Bearing Total Knee system contains primary cruciate-retaining and cruciate-sacrificing components as well as a full range of revision options. Fixed all-poly as well as rotating mobile-bearing patellae are available. Cemented and cementless fixation options are available. Cementless fixation is provided through tissue ingrowth of the Porocoat® porous-coating on some components.

In the late 1990's the LCS® Mobile-Bearing Knee System was updated to include additional primary and revision implant options as well as new instrumentation. This update, reflected in a new brand name, the LCS® Complete Mobile-Bearing Knee System, maintains the original articular geometry of the LCS® knee while addressing many of the enhancements requested over a quarter century of usage.