Sigma CR150 High Flex Knee System from DuPuySynthes

Sigma CR150 is a High Flex knee system designed to combine function with wear resistance. As the name denotes, Sigma CR150 implant system accommodates up to 150 degrees of flexion while preserving the posterior cruciate ligament.

Function: The extended posterior condyles help to minimize contact stress in high flexion. Sigma CR150 is offered with High Performance instrumentation, which can provide efficiency, precision and flexibility.

Wear Resistance: Fixed and Mobile Bearing options with polyethylene inserts and highly polished cobalt chrome trays help to reduce abrasion which could lead to better wear performance when compared to the original Sigma polyethylene and forged titanium tray2.

Benefits of the Sigma CR150 High Flex Knee System

  • Accommodates up to 150 degrees of flexion
  • Offered in both Fixed and Rotating Platform Options
  • Increased Conformity in High Flexion
  • Enhanced Wear Performance