LS-3E Lens Blocker from Dia Optical

The LS-3E Lens Blocker is upgraged with battery-powered LED light source. It has twin-arm type for both blocking and marking lenses as well as single-arm type only for blocking lenses.


  • New-introduced LED light source provides much clearer layout screen, at the same time actualizes a super power-thrifty device with a built-in auto-shut-off timer.
  • Battery-powered cordless, compact and lightweight design permits placement anywhere.
  • Multifunctional design performs
  1. centering, 
  2. adhesive blocking
  3. suction blocking and
  4. marking axis-lines and center-dot (LS-3W).

Blocking head and marking head can be simply replaced each other on the left and right arms as operator's option (LS-3W).

Projects absolutely parallax-free and on-size images of lens and pattern on an easi-view screen, yet movable lead-lines position the segment simply and precisely.