LS-82 Computerized Lens Blocker from Dia Optical

The LS-82 Computerized Lens Blocker digitally displays a lens-shape image precisely in a 1:1 dimension. Projects a clear image of any type of lens-blank accurately on the same layout screen. Automatically pinpoints the position of optical center to be decentered once the lens-shape data is downloaded from our scanner. No calculation and no input are required to operator.


  • Blocking Methods- Adhesive pad / Suction cup blocking
  • Boxing Style- Boxing from bottom / center / outline
  • Data Ports- 2)RS232C (1xConfigurable to DC5V)
  • Dimensions- 215(W)x270(D)x310(H)mm
  • Weight- 4.5kg
  • Power Requirements- 100-120V / 60Hz AC or 200-240V / 50Hz AC, 20W