Latitude® S establishes a new standard for the high-throughput gathering of low-dose, single-particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) datasets from Gatan’s leading K3®, BioContinuum®, BioQuantum™ K3, and OneView® cameras.

Latitude S integrates significant investments in cryo-EM apparatus, the TEM column, and the Gatan camera.


  • Works with top cryo-EM cameras for single-particle analysis: Automate the capture of low-dose images on the K3, K2, BioContinuum, BioQuantum K3, GIF Quantum LS, and OneView cameras
  • Maximum productivity: The direct interconnection between Latitude S and Gatan cameras provides the best productivity and throughput possible
  • Independent of platforms: Compatible with a few Thermo Scientific, JEOL, and Hitachi TEMs, Latitude S allows users to freely mix and match EM column brands to find the best fit for their laboratory
  • Supported by experts: Available onsite training and help for applications
  • Shorten the time it takes to identify “good ice”: Rapidly scouts regions with differing densities and intensities to pinpoint the best places on the grid
  • Avert monotonous tasks: Use templates and a grid-based tool to label hundreds of distinct or contiguous places for additional research
  • Change the settings as needed: Adjust and revise the remaining phases in the workflow to guarantee regular consistency
  • Comprehensive task and session tracking: Get a real-time, all-inclusive summary of session tasks, including scheduled and ongoing activities along with their respective timings
Boost your imaging throughput with the Coma-corrected image shift mode with Latitude S software.

Boost your imaging throughout with the Coma-corrected image shift mode with Latitude S software. Define the image shift limit and grid hole size to automatically find and mark imaging clusters for Coma-corrected data collection; Add additional imaging clusters with a single click and without worrying about the same location getting imaged twice. Video Credit: Gatan, Inc.

Automatic Targeting for Cryo-EM with Latitude S Software

Automatic targeting for cryo-EM with Latitude S software. Automatically mark hundreds of contiguous or separate regions for cryo-EM; Latitude S software enables you to efficiently explore areas of varying thickness and intensity; Now, you can quickly determine the optimal conditions and locations for "good ice" on your grid. Video Credit: Gatan, Inc.

Use Latitude S software to explore and add additional regions during cryo-EM data collection

Use Latitude S software to explore and add additional regions during cryo-EM data collection. With Latitude S software, explore and add additional grid areas on the fly during your cryo-EM data collection. A comprehensive summary of the entire session ensures you always know the acquisition status of your datasets. Video Credit: Gatan, Inc.

Easily manage a large list of tasks

Easily manage an extensive list of tasks. When single-particle screening with Latitude S, only schedule a few tasks to get feedback quickly or schedule the microscope to image every marked areaVideo Credit: Gatan, Inc.

Simplify repetitive single-particle screening tasks

Simplify repetitive single-particle screening tasks. Utilize the Latitude S grid-based tool to mark hundreds of contiguous or separate regions for investigation. Then apply templates to rapidly define acquisition patterns for each region and magnification you want to attain during your cryo-EM screenVideo Credit: Gatan, Inc.

Use templates to mark many good areas

Use templates to mark many good areas. Latitude S templates let you select one or more areas to minimize repetitive activities while setting up your single-particle screenVideo Credit: Gatan, Inc.

Quickly preview different sample areas

Quickly preview different sample areas. Use Latitude S to pick areas of different thickness or intensity to identify the part of the grid with the best looking samplesVideo Credit: Gatan, Inc.