MP3 Pulse Duplicator from Dynatek

The MP3 is a pulse duplicator designed to generate physiological flows and pressures for testing heart valves while giving full visibility of the device.

Aortic and Peripheral Flow Loops

Combining adjustable vascular clamps with compliant vascular vessels, one can independently adjust systolic and diastolic pressure as well as vascular resistance. When coupled with the programmable pumping system, the MP3 gives a high degree of control over all flow and pressure parameters.


Optical transparency of the MP3 system provides viewing when visual, photographic, ultrasound or laser Doppler studies of the valves are of interest. The ventricle chamber and valve holders are machined with ports and adapters to accept aortic flow, aortic pressure, mitral flow, mitral pressure and ventricular pressure transducers. 

MP3 Flow Loop

The MP3 Flow Loop represents several breakthroughs in the technology of designing and operating a cardiovascular simulator. First, LabVIEW®-based computer control and acquisition software gives the user a single programming source to both control the pumping system as well as monitor the important parameters.