Medorex's Media Autoclave “medoClav” for Media Preparation

"MedoClav" is a small media autoclave with 7 liter working volumes, an integrated stirring-system for the sterilization of different media under the pressure of 1 up to 3 bars. The autoclave has adjustable temperatures up to 143 °C, integrated media sensor and a retaining temperature of 60 °C for the direct and sterile bottling of media. The stirrer of the media autoclave "medoClav" provides a homogeneous mixing of the liquids under predefined conditions and optimal sterilization. MedoClav can be supplemented with the tube pumps for semi-automated filling of sterile petri dishes and culture bottles. “medoClav” is best suitable for the following procedures:

  • Sterilization of nutrient media
  • Sterilization of solid substances
  • Sterilization of liquids
  • Sterilization of media in oil bath