Plasma cleaning is a method of preparing surfaces with very high precision using only air or oxygen, or other compatible gases, as the medium. It removes contaminants and improves adhesion without damaging any material.

This technique produces no waste chemicals and is inherently eco-friendly. It can replace both solvent and aqueous based cleaning methods.

Henniker's plasma cleaners offer various options to suit different requirements, such as additional gas inlets, chamber sizes, and tray quantity and design, making them ideal for several needs.

Their experts have several years of experience with various applications and system options and will assist users in configuring a unit for yourr exact requirements. The range offers an excellent starting point if users seek a robust, trusted plasma cleaner.

Configuration options:

  • Laboratory or process scale plasma cleaner chamber volumes; from 100 mm diameter
  • Constantly variable power output available
  • User-friendly TFT software control available
  • Industrial-scale plasma cleaners available for large parts or high throughput
  • Several shelf configurations


HPT-100 and HPT-200

The HPT-100 and HPT-200 are microprocessor-controlled benchtop plasma treatment systems. They are ideally suited to cleaning, surface activation, and modifying an extensive range of materials, including metals, polymers, ceramics, and glass.

Plasma Cleaner

Image Credit: Henniker Plasma

HPT-300 and HPT-500

The HPT-300 and HPT-500 are microprocessor-controlled benchtop plasma treatment systems that perform surface activation, cleaning, and modification of metals, glass, polymers, and ceramics.

Plasma Cleaner

Image Credit: Henniker Plasma