Henniker Plasma is a leading provider of plasma coating systems and solutions, offering a diverse range of processes and equipment to cater to various industries and applications. The systems are versatile and can serve as general-purpose tools for research or be customized and tested to suit specific surface properties and requirements.

The company's systems come equipped with an array of features, including multiple loading trays, rotating drum chambers, and powder management facilities. With extensive experience in coatings processes, Henniker Plasma's experts are readily available to offer advice and assistance for any application.

Henniker Plasma boasts a vast plasma process library and is eager to showcase how their coatings can achieve desired functions such as water repellency, hydrophilicity, and low friction. Customers can rely on their expertise to deliver tailored solutions that cater to their unique needs.

Plasma coating system options:

  • Chamber volumes range up to 150 L
  • PLC control available with HMI interface
  • Multiple internal electrode configurations can be carried out
  • Functional plasma coatings
  • Recipe-driven process
  • Constantly variable power output
  • Permission-level access granted



NEBULA plasma surface treatment systems equip large format vacuum chambers as well as several cutting-edge features, all with the dependability of recipe-driven PLC control.

Plasma Coatings Systems

Image Credit: Henniker Scientific