Henniker's advanced plasma surface treatment systems feature large format vacuum chambers and several cutting-edge features, all with the dependability of recipe-driven PLC control.

They are configurable tools that are strong enough for trustworthy and repeatable industrial processing and concurrently flexible enough to research and develop leading-edge plasma processes.

The NEBULA range has been developed around the core technologies in plasma process development and surface treatment.

With chamber volumes varying from 50 L to 150 L, every instrument is configured with several parts tray/electrodes for vertical or horizontal mounting arrangements. One option for processing a large volume of small parts is to opt for a high-capacity rotary drum mechanism, for example.

NEBULA plasma systems are employed for cleaning, enhancing adhesion, and improving surface wetting through plasma surface activation. These treatments can be performed uniformly on a range of materials, including polymers, metals, composites, ceramics, and glass.

Every NEBULA system comes with a distinctive feature - an optional monomer dosing inlet. This fully automated device enables the introduction of a broad spectrum of liquid monomers for producing permanently functionalized surfaces through plasma polymerization. This significantly extends the range of plasma surface treatment possibilities in a single machine.


  • Standalone unit
  • Easy-to-use recipe-driven interface
  • Limitless recipes and steps for every recipe
  • Liquid dosing inlet option
  • Quick treatment time
  • Accurate and repeatable
  • No risky emissions


  • Chamber volumes range from 50 L to 150 L
  • Horizontal, vertical, and rotary
  • Plasma polymerization inlet
  • PLC control
  • Drum parts tray options available
  • Completely automated and recipe-driven processes


NEBULA plasma surface treatment systems feature huge format vacuum chambers and several advanced features, all with the reliability of recipe-driven PLC control.

Plasma Treatment Systems

Image Credit: Henniker Plasma