The Promenade™ is engineered to manage the unique gait dynamics of low impact ambulators including the diabetic & vascular amputee population. With an easily deflected toe - not too hard or too soft - the product returns energy without overpowering the less mobile amputee. Users will enjoy a more natural and efficient stride, allowing them to increase their daily activity.


Near Effortless Roll-Over Optimized For Low Impact Amputees

A dynamic heel and easily deflected toe provide near effortless roll-over,helping to reduce gait deviations often presented by low impact ambulators. as a result, amputees save energy so they can do more and feel better at the end of the day.

Partial Split Toe

The split toe design offers controlled inversion/eversion for stability on uneven surfaces. Users will gain the confidence needed for a variety of walking conditions.

Full Length Sole Plate

The full length carbon sole plate provides increased energy storage and return and a stable base of support, promoting confidence among users. A high strength wrap attaches the sole plate to the foot module, eliminating the stress points and 'dead spots' associated with bolted, heel only products. Users experience an uninterrupted, continuously smooth roll-over and increased comfort throughout their daily activities.