The Silhouette Prosthetic Foot offers multi-axial motion and refined cosmetics in a lightweight, flexible design. A highly responsive energy storage and return device, the Silhouette is manufactured using specially engineered carbon fiber lay-ups so that users feel comfortable for long periods of time. The product features a dynamic posterior attached heel and compliant toe, enabling truly smooth roll-over and natural gait. A sole plate with tri-durometer urethane strips, a narrowed keel and a flexible pylon provide multi-axial motion with a natural lateral to medial rollover, allowing amputees to maneuver uneven terrain with ease.


  • Multi-axial motion allows users to maneuver uneven terrain with confidence and ease
  • Strong, yet lightweight and flexible carbon fiber construction delivers energy return so that users can walk farther, faster, using less energy
  • Slim profile facilitates a refined and easy-to-achieve cosmetic finish
  • Advanced dual heel system provides dynamic response to normal ambulation with an override spring for security during higher activities
  • Ideal for low to moderate impact K3 amputees
  • Choose between the dynamic pylon configuration (RS4) for maximum flexibility or the low profile version (RS5) with an integral male pyramid for a simplified fitting process