Promesh ANAT T Prosthesis for Hernia from Peters Surgical

Promesh ANAT T, has high clinical efficiency in inguinal hernias repair. It has preshaped anatomical wall reinforcement. It is best suited for inguinal hernias. 


Optimal combination of materials validated in surgery : 

  • High resistance knitted polypropylene on the prosthesis solid matrix.
  • Light, knitted polypropylene structure on sensitive, high-risk areas.

Physical properties adapted to patient physiology: 

  • Mechanical resistance adapted to the biomechanical properties of the abdominal wall.
  • Optimised tissue colonisation. 

Ease, Safety and Reproducibility for implantation by laparoscopy: 

  • Vertical insertion through a 10 mm trocar without needing to wind the prosthesis.
  • Immediate adaptation to the anatomical siteIncreased visualization and ease of implantation by laparoscopy