Sil Promesh Prosthesis for Hernia from Peters Surgical

By associating Polypropylene with Silicone, the Sil Promesh ® benefits from advanced technologies with materials validated and recognized in the surgical field for many years.


  • The Sil Promesh® prosthesis presents two sides with diferent properties allowing its implantation in intra-peritoneal site. The visceral side is made of a Silicone membrane, designed for its non-stick properties, and allows cellular incorporations reduction. The parietal side is made of a non-woven Polypropylene film allowing the development of a fibrous anchoring.
  • The prosthesis is translucent and includes target allowing the identification and centering of its non adhesive side.
  • Macroperforation allows immediate drainage of serosities of the neighbouring tissues in per- and post- operative.