Pulsatron KC2 Ultrasonic Baths from Guyson International

Guyson’s Kerry Pulsatron KC ultrasonic baths offer the performance and reliability needed to meet the demands of many applications. 

They are particularly suitable for applications within the following fields:

  • Medical
  • Optical
  • Dental
  • Industrial

The KC2 ultrasonic bath has an approximate capacity of 2 litres, it is easy to use, with a single on/off switch for the ultrasonics. Operating instructions are printed on the bath’s front panel. In operation cleaning of lightly soiled items such as jewellery may take only seconds. Removal of medium soil may take two or more minutes. 

Key Features

  • Integral Guyson Pulsatron high efficiency generators with automatic tuning for powerful cleaning action.
  • Baths rated for continuous use if required. Dual-purpose fail-safe, resettable thermal fuse- protects against over temperature operation /low liquid level.
  • CE compliant