Human genomic DNA found in saliva can be used in various applications in diagnostics including the detection of biomarkers to diagnose a disease, follow the disease’s progress or monitor the effects of a particular treatment. Isolation of DNA from saliva for diagnostics has become an attractive alternative to isolation from blood or tissue due to the fact that sample collection is non-invasive.

Purification is based on 96-well column chromatography. Purification can be performed either on a vacuum manifold or using centrifugation. Briefly, the saliva sample is collected by spitting or swab and is mixed with the provided Lysis Solution.

Proteinase K is then added to the sample, followed by the addition of Binding Solution and ethanol. The resulting solution is then loaded onto the 96-well plate (BIND). Under these conditions only the genomic DNA will bind to the plate wells while most of the contaminating RNA and cellular proteinaceous components are removed in the flowthrough.

The bound DNA is then washed to remove any remaining impurities (WASH). Lastly, the purified genomic DNA is eluted into 100 µL of the provided Elution Buffer or water (ELUTE). Please see the procedure flowchart to the right.

Bio-Synthesis Saliva DNA Isolation 96-Well Kit provides a fast and simple procedure for isolating genomic DNA from saliva. The purified saliva DNA is compatible with a number of downstream applications including PCR, Southern Blot analysis, sequencing and microarray analysis. This product is also compatible with Bio-Synthesis Saliva DNA Collection, Preservation and Isolation Kits.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast and easy processing - Rapid high throughput purification of saliva DNA using 96-well plates on either a vacuum manifold or centrifugation.


  • PCR
  • Southern Blot Analysis
  • Sequencing
  • Microarray Analysis